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About ME

Hello! My name is Dustin, and I am a Chicago based theatre-artist. I was born in Northbrook, IL. At the age of 8, I began performing with the local children’s theatre. I was an active member of the speech team, show choir and spring musical at Wheeling High School before attending Harper College. Under the tutelage of Kevin Long, I immersed myself in the art of acting and later transferred to Illinois State University where I received my B.S in Theatre.


Since graduating, I have performed throughout the city of Chicago with various companies including Lifeline Theatre, Eclectic Full Contact Theatre, Red Theatre, Madkap Productions, Underscore Theatre Company, and Pride Films & Plays as well as regionally with Hampstead Stage Company in New Hampshire and Canterbury Summer Theatre in Indiana.


I am one of the founding co-artistic director's of Blank Theatre Company. I continue to study my craft at Acting Studio Chicago, Jeffrey Carlson & Susan Hart’s private Shakespeare studio and the voice studio of Matthew Ellenwood.

When I'm not on stage, I enjoy reading, binge-watching Netflix and spending time with friends and family.