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The Wild Party - Blank Theatre Company

"Rothbart gave us a temper that was larger-than-life, making you want to slink from his wake. His raucous rendition of Let me Drown had me spellbound with a maniacal aura that teetered on the edge of genius and madness."

- Kathleen Anwar, Broadway World

"The cast of stellar vocalists makes every song pop. Standout vocals and top-notch choreography make The Wild Party a night of fun."

- Lauren Katz, Picture This Post

The Mystery of Edwin Drood- Blank Theatre Company

“Dickensian class drama is present but takes a back seat to the lower-stakes, goofier antics of the performing company (like the charmingly overeager emcee work by Dustin Rothbart).” A dizzying, delightful word buffet "Both Sides of the Coin" performed by Rothbart and Heinemann is a highlight.

- Dan Jakes, The Chicago Reader


“Heinemann and Rothbart share a wonderfully entertaining duet in ‘Both Sides of the Coin’.”

- Karen Topham, Chicago On Sage

Spring Awakening- Blank Theatre Company

“Everyone involved in Blank Theatre Company’s SPRING AWAKENING is a new contributor to storefront excellence in Chicago"

– Kelsey McGrath, PerformInk​​

“Blank Theatre Company has assembled a group of exceptional singers...Each vocal performance is expressive and full-bodied, and this bare-bones production gains much from the quality of these voices. “

– Matthew Nerber,  Third Coast Review

...Spelling Bee - Madkap Productions

“The very touchy, stressed out William Barfee (Dustin Rothbart) illustrating the skill of his “Magic Foot" brought down the house.”

– Beverly Friend, Chicago Critic​​

​The History Boys - Eclectic Full Contact Theatre

“This production is excellent for so many reasons. This non-equity cast is exceptional.”

– Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

“In addition to the material itself, the show contains beautiful and subtle performances by each cast member. Highly Recommended.”

– Stephanie Dykes, Picture This Post

The Secret Garden - Lake Forest Theatre

"Dustin Rothbart’s Dickon embodies the heart of the Moors of Yorkshire and the central connection to nature, all with a knowing smile."

- Alli Doubek, Entertaining Chicago


"Stand out comedic performances by Elizabeth Mazur (Martha) and Dustin Rothbart (Dickon) are another highlight"

- Erin Fleming, Chicagoland Musical Theatre

The Little Mermaid - Jedlicka Performing Arts Center

“Poor Unfortunate Souls” is superb, powerful and frightening. She’s wonderfully assisted by Dustin Rothbart and Colton Shied as her oily, eely accomplices, Flotsam and Jetsam.”

– Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

Oliver! - Citadel Theatre

“The four talented singing street vendors (Natalie Rae, Alison Stake, Aaron Mann and Dustin Rothbart) are excellent, selling their wares in “Who Will Buy?”

– Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review


“Perhaps the most impressive thing about Citadel Theatre's revival of "Oliver!" is the tenaciousness of its ensemble. “

– Barbara Vitello, The Daily Herald

HAIR - Big Noise Theatre

“With some of the talent that we will see move on to our Equity companies in the years to come…such as Maragret Mead (D. Rothbart, quite the comic). All solid performers who make this production, the sparkling one it is!  Highly Recommended!”

- Alan Bresloff, Around Town Chicago


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Cabaret - Brightside Theatre

“The boys and girls of the ensemble are all triple threats themselves and the dancing is a strength in this production.”

John B . Boss, Rock Chicago


“The choreography by Jeni Donahue and technique of the Kit Kat girls and boys, once again was outstanding. They danced with precision and abandon (difficult to achieve) and gave the show an ease and polish. They played, as the entire company did, as a true ensemble and you could feel the love they have for one another which permeates the room."

- James Murray, Showbiz Chicago

The Rocky Horror Show - Underscore Theatre Company

“Rothbart, putting on a heavy German accent owned the stage during his scenes, and when it came time for his song “Eddie’s Teddy,” boy can he sing.”

- Kevin Pollack, Rock Chicago Magazine


“Both Eddie (Aaron Stephenson) and Dr. Everett Scott’s (Dustin Rothbart) stories are mysteries to me, but damn could those fellas sing.”

- Elizabeth Schmeski, Eric and Andy’s Reviews You Can Lews!

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